We Built a Better Builder.


Redesigned Look and Feel

It wasn't enough to simply add a bunch of stuff and call it an upgrade. We had to give Builder a fresh coat of paint, too. Using the latest development technologies, Builder now keeps more information at your fingertips while showing you only what you need to know. It's the best of both worlds.

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Builder looks a lot better.

Better Workflow

No one wants to jump from screen to screen all the time: moving this, adjusting that, finding where you left that option you wanted to change. That's why Builder 2 has been reworked according to your feedback to put everything you need in fewer steps. Whether you're changing an outline or editing a prayer, it's all done on the same screen.

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Rearrange elements and search at the same time.

Search Is Everywhere

Now, it doesn't matter what you're doing or where you are in Builder; searching for that missing something is only a click away. Just type in what you're looking for. Hymn number? Found it. Word in the text? Found it. Scripture reference? Found it! And when you're done looking, you can go back to what you were doing just as easily.

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Multiple categories; intelligent search terms.

More Integration

Buidler 2 has the ability to import services from Creative Worship, for unprecedented synergy with Lutheran Service Book. You can create your own elements and orders of worship with ease and style, then use them for any given Sunday. And, Builder 2 exports to more file formats than ever before, including Word and PowerPoint 2007.

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Add and alter your own resources at will.

Better Support; More Help

Builder 2 has a brand new community Web site designed to serve you and give you more information. A product blog, comprehensive online help system with picture and video tutorials, and even a discussion area make it easier for you to find information and ask for assistance—without needing to wait on hold or interrupt your day.

Get the assistance you need without a lot of work.


Built by Us, Made for You

Lutheran Service Builder has always been the most advanced planning tool and electronic hymnal of its kind. Over 2,000 of you agree and use it as an indispensable tool for the worship life of your congregations. Two years later, we’ve received hundreds of comments and hundreds more suggestions on how to improve the Builder experience. Your feedback has made an amazing product even stronger by helping our development team draw on the knowledge and experience of several thousand church professionals.

We Thought “Free” Sounded Nice

We understand that your resources are limited. We also understand that you’re already paying a subscription fee for licensing and support. That’s why the upgrade to Builder 2 is included in your subscription. You can download it at any time and install it without having to pay an upgrade fee.

Try Before You Buy

Purchasing Lutheran Service Builder can be a significant investment for some congregations. Some of you have said that you’d like to kick the tires a bit and see what your colleagues have been talking about—and we agree. We’re so proud of Lutheran Service Builder and confident in its usefulness that we’ve provided the complete search engine and planning tool as a demo, absolutely free. All you have to do is download the Installer and load Builder on your system. When you want to buy, simply call us up. We’ll place your order and you can start printing and copying resources out of Builder the next day.

Yeah, we think that’s a pretty sweet deal, too.


“The Builder is GREAT! It takes all the pain out of bulletin production. It’s a ‘must buy’ for those who want to use the treasures of Lutheran Service Book to the fullest.”–Pr. William Weedon, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Hamel, IL

Lutheran Service Builder has become an essential and dependable weekly resource for our staff. LSB was easy to learn and easy to apply for our ministry. It’s the best!”–John Payne, Music Director, St. Michael Lutheran Church, Fort Myers, FL

“…the addition of the Lutheran Service Builder software has truly been a blessing! For special events, special services, devotions, bible studies and countless other needs, Lutheran Service Builder has come through with flying colors to deeply enhance our study and worship.”–Pr. Michael Kumm, Trinity Lutheran Church, Millstadt, IL

“It is a huge blessing to be able to hear the music for the hymns without calling one of our organists. If I recall a phrase from a hymn that matches up with the sermon I’m going to preach, I can locate the hymn in a matter of seconds.”–Pr. Richard Anderegg, Faith Ev. Lutheran Church, St. Roberts, MO